Forthcoming Events
2 days ago
🎬 Already too cold outside? Why don't look back at all the video produced during these years by the #MOLOKO Project Consortium? Many more are coming so, keep updated!
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1 week ago
📰 The #dairyindustry must be alert to fraud and supply chain issues, after a new report, by supply chain assurance company Lloyd’s Register (LR), found the beverage industry is facing increased fraud incidences and #supplychain disruption.
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2 weeks ago
📸 #MOLOKO Project took part in many events during these years, do you remember all? In this website section you can discover them all and learn more about Project's activities. Definitely worth of a visit!
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3 weeks ago
🐄 Let's learn more about our ruminant friends and about the status of #dairyindustry today! 🥛
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4 weeks ago
💥 Across the months, #MOLOKO Project produced many scientific publication and many articles explaining the project itself and its possible outcomes. You can review them all here: moloko_project photo
1 month ago
📰 New research published today shows #European photonics is growing at more than double the rate of global GDP – outperforming EU #GDP and EU industrial production by three and five times, respectively.
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